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ADD:No. 243, Dong Sec. 1, Guangming 6th Rd., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County
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ABV Caribbean Zhubei

TEL 1:+886-3-667-5770
TEL 2:+886-3-667-5350
ADD:No. 243, Dong Sec. 1, Guangming 6th Rd., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County
Opening Hours:Mon~Sun PM12:00~AM1:30

Business Brunch

Cuban Sandwich Brunch

ABV replicates the Cuban sandwich flavors showcased in the movie “Chef”. Pork is cured for a whole night, and afterward is roasted at a relatively low temperature, then the roasted pork is sliced and put inside Ciabatta bread, and together with the pork, Parma ham, salami, cheese, and pickled cucumbers are pressed together giving us an amazing Cuban Sandwich. You can also select, shredded chicken or salmon flavor.

Quesadilla Brunch

Quesadilla in Spanish has a close meaning related to cheese and also is a classic Mexican dish. It uses a wheat tortilla with different fillings and folded in half and ABV offers three different options. All of these options are accompanied with some corn, scrambled eggs, corn chips, salad, and bread. Americano and black tea can be selected with this set.

Caribbean Stew Brunch

Craving for the latest in classic Brazilian black bean stew, Haitian beef stew, Irachian pulled pork, Brazilian beef cheek? Here you can choose one of four happy, with scrambled eggs, corn flakes, salad and bread, you can choose to go with American coffee, black tea or yerba mate.

Gallo Pinto With Skewers

Are you craving some roasted meat? We have the answers to this question and it comes in the form of Gallo Pinto With Skewers. It comes accompanied with scrambled eggs, corn chips salad and bread. Americano or black tea can be selected with this set.

“Ropa Vieja” Cuban Pulled Beef with Tajada

Ropa Vieja is one of Cuba’s famous dishes. The meaning of Ropa vieja is literally “old clothes” and the reason for naming this dish like this is the similarity between this dish and strips of old clothes. This dish is stewed with shredded beef, bell peppers, olives, and onions. For the presentation, we use traditional methods and this is by accompanying the dish using either fried banana chips or cassava chips. It comes accompanied with corn chips and salad. Americano or black tea can be selected with this set.

Fajita Brunch

Fajita is classical in Mexican cuisine. In this dish, bell peppers and meat will have an explosion of amazing aromas. This dish comes with four different sauces, avocado, salsa, sour cream, and refried beans. It comes accompanied with corn chips and salad. Americano or black tea can be selected with this set.


Mexican Style Chicharron and Avocado Salad

A healthy choice for summer! Mexican-style salad will always include avocado, and then it is accompanied with tomatoes, chili peppers, corn, black beans, cilantro and other fresh ingredients. The salad also has pieces of fried pork belly. To finalize the preparation of the dish,a vinaigrette is drizzled on top. The Mexican fried pork salad is not greasy but healthy, refreshing and the colors of this dish will definitely open your appetite.

Caribbean Steak Salad

6oz. Of sirloin steak uses a Cuban-style marinade and then put on top of a salad made of a decent amount of lettuce and a vinaigrette. This salad can satisfy the need for big bites of meat without forgetting healthiness.

Mexican Caesar Salad

Very few people know that Caesar Salad is a Mexican invention. ABV offers you a very authentic Caesar salad while being the least dish in the Mexican cuisine.

Fruit Yogurt Salad

Many dishes in the Caribbean use fruits and this dish is no exception. This salad contains a sauce made with yogurt and orange juice; pineapple; orange and tomato. A dish that is quite refreshing for hot summers.


“Sopa de Gallina”Salvadoran Chicken Soup

Sopa de Gallina India is a rich Salvadoran hen soup that uses a hen breed called Gallina India in El Salvador which is like the “old hen” breed in Taiwan. Old hens are usually raised with a lot of exercise and grazing, resulting in firmer and chewier meat.ABV recreates this typical Salvadoran hen soup by using a lot of vegetables such as beefsteak tomatoes, peas, mint, basil, parsley, coriander, corn, and potatoes. Stewed with firm and chewy chicken meat spices such as chili peppers and garlic are also added which will show the sweet taste and spicy notes of the vegetables and the umami of the chicken come together in this Salvadoran spiced chicken soup.

“Goat Water”St.Christopher and Nevis Lamb Soup

“Goat Water” is the national dish of St.Christopher and Nevis. A dish that is one of the favorites in many families, especially on Saturdays when families gather together.For this dish, the goat is simmered over low heat until tender with vegetables and spices, the vegetable caramelizes adding the natural sweetness plus roasted notes enveloping the goat, and the spices give the soup complexity and layers of flavor while adding a hint of spiciness to its mouthfeel.

“Sopa de Arvejas Ecuatoriana” Ecuadorian Bean Soup

This is a popular dish also known as “pea and plantain” typical of Ecuador in South America, especially in the province of Loja, south of Ecuador. It is said that a drought in Peru in the early days caused a shortage of food, and the people of Ecuador, located next to Peru, thought of using green plantains as an ingredient to make many types of food to relieve hunger. The ABV version of this dish combines hardy bananas and navy beans.

Sopa Paraguaya

The legend goes like this, in the mid-nineteenth century, Paraguayan President Carlos Antonio López invited a certain ambassador to lunch one day and ordered corn bisque. cake-like. When the dish was brought to the table, the ambassador complained that it was not a thick soup at all, and the president was very embarrassed at the moment, insisting that it was “Paraguayan soup”. As a result, the “Paraguayan soup” has become one of the famous dishes in Paraguay.

Caribbean Coconut Seafood Bisque

The Caribbean coconut seafood bisque made at ABV uses a decent amount of shrimp heads in its cooking giving a rich, fresh and delicious flavor full of umami. This dish preparation comes with mussels, squid, Asian tiger prawn, and scallion.

Cold Appetizer

Belizean Shrimp Ceviche with Chips

In the Caribbean, ceviche refers to using the acidity of lemon juice to cook the protein of seafood, also each region that prepares this dish has its own style to marinade the fish and ingredients to go with the ceviche.This dish is popular in Belize and is part of their traditional cuisine, also great to accompany with beer. At ABV the dish is prepared using the traditional Belizean style by using fresh shrimp, purple onions, red peppers, diced tomatoes, coriander and habanero peppers, and this ceviche is served with tortilla chips.

Fried Dishes

“Payaguá Mascada” Paraguayan Fried Beef Cake

Payaguá Mascada is a dish from the Paraguayan culinary culture with deep roots in its history.In the early days of the Payaguáes indigenous people, cassava was mixed with ground game meat making a dish known as Mascada.The Spanish colonists who came to the region made it into a more refined dish by frying it and using ingredients such as beef.ABV uses cassava in the traditional way, with the ingredients and cooking techniques brought in by the Spanish colonists, and then mixing the cassava with ground beef and green onions and fried until it is golden brown.

Mexican Style Crispy Calamari

Deep-fried calamari is popular in many places around the world, with each region in the world having its own version of making it and Mexico is certainly no exception.The Mexican version of the Crispy Calamari is served with a classic Mexican dipping sauce, a garlic mayonnaise made with a bit of mayonnaise, fresh garlic, lemon, and chili accompanying fried jalapeño peppers and the Crispy Squid, so simple but delicious!

“Pollo con Tajada” Honduras Fried Chicken with Fried Banana’s Slides

In Honduras, you can see almost every dish served with golden fried banana chips. Steaks, sausages and even salads will come with the banana chips. “Pollo con Tajada” is a dish that can be easily found in the local fast-food chain called “Pollolandia” which is everywhere.

“Salchipapa” Deep Fried Sausage & Fries

Salchipapa is a dish that is quite common in Central America. A simple entree dish, french fries are paired with European-styled sausages and topped with a large amount of sauce. This dish can be found from the Northern regions of Guatemala to the Southern regions of Peru and Ecuador; it is so ubiquitous that you can find it in bars and also fast-food restaurants. The salchipapa prepared by ABV chose Spanish Chorizo and Oregano is added for an increase in aromatics.

Caribbean Seasoning Fried Chicken Wings

Ordering ABV’s signature wings is a strong start for the meal, a plate of signature wings will make the customers want to order this dish over and over. Not only this dish shows the essence of the Caribbean food, but also the sauce made for this dish will make you addicted to it.

“Chicharron”Crispy Pork Belly

Chicharron is a popular dish in Peru. For this dish the pork is marinated for one day with a special recipe,the pork is fried in a pan. It has similarities with Taiwanese fried ribs, but the texture, in general, is chewer and the skin crispier. Visually it will trick us by looking tough, but fear not, when we try this pork it will be quite tender and tasty. This dish is paired with red onions and lemon to be squeezed adding a new layer of refreshing aromas.

Fried Chicken with Green Salsa

This chicken is coated in a special mixture, then fried until the skin becomes quite crispy, the end result is perfectly fried chicken drumettes that are quite juicy too. This dish is paired with classic green salsa in which its spiciness starts mild but then its spicy level increases until it becomes quite hot.

Caribbean Stew

“Legume”Haitian Style Beef Stew

Legume is a traditional Haitian stew that is made with a beef stew combined with different vegetables. In the Creole language, the word Legume has relationship to various vegetables that are stewed together and to start the preparation of the dish, beef is marinated.ABV marinates the beef using a traditional method which is pureeing different aromatics such as jalapeños and fresh basil leaves with lemon juice. After the beef is marinated, the beef is first pan-fried and then simmered until tender,then a variety of vegetables are added to the simmer and cooked until tender, and to finish the dish spinach is added giving you a beef stew with fresh vegetables and spiciness!

“Feijoada” Brazilian Pork & Bean Stew

Feijoada, in Portuguese, refers to a dish in which beans and various meats are stewed together over a long period of time. This is the soul of Brazilian food and a traditional national dish.ABV uses a simple but flavorful way of making this dish in the traditional way that can be found in most Brazilian regions, using bacon, pork shoulder butt, Spanish sausage, and black beans, which are stewed for a long time, leaving the pork tender, the meat juicy and the black beans all concentrated with its flavor in a dark purple-brown broth.

“Mariscada” Salvadoran Seafood Stew

The root of the word “mariscada” comes from the word “marisco”, which is the Spanish word for seafood, and mariscada refers to a dish with a large variety of different seafood. El Salvador is a country with an extensive coastline making seafood a common ingredient in Salvadoran cuisine.ABV replicates Salvadoran cuisine by stewing mussels, clams, and whiteleg shrimp with beefsteak tomatoes, cilantro, celery, various peppers, and chili peppers to bring out the umami of the seafood and the sweetness of vegetables in a stew that will take your five senses to an amazing trip.

Traditional Belizean Fish Stew

This is a delicious coconut fish soup in which fish is first pan-fried until light-brown, then in a secondary pot coconut milk is added and bring it to a boil, then the fish that was pan-fried is added with aromatics such as garlic, the mixture is simmered until the coconut milk consistency is thicker and mixed with the fish. A very traditional Belizean dish.

Belizean Beef Stew with Chocolate

This chocolate beef stew originated with the Mayan culture, and for the ancient Mayan people, cocoa beans were their treasure. There is even a claim that chocolate beans were the popular currency of the time. At the time, it was discovered that there was a way to make beverages out of ground cocoa beans or used as a spice adding chili and vanilla to the preparation of different dishes. At ABV, we not only use 80% pure dark chocolate, but also a chocolate-flavored Stout to create this slightly sweet and bitter Belizean Beef chocolate stew.

“Hilachas” Guatemalan Shredded Pork In Tomato-Tomatillo Sauce

“Hilacha” in Spanish means “Rag” and the reason this dish has this name is the meat in this dish is shredded giving a rag-like appearance. As one of Guatemala’s national dishes, Hilacha is a dish that is better accompanied with either white rice or local-made tortillas. This is one of the national dishes that can be found in any restaurant.

Brazilian Style Beef Cheek Stew

Brazilian beef stew is a traditional national dish, beef is readily available in Brazil, and stewed beef is a must-have dish for every family in Brazil to watch a football game; and ABV chef chooses beef cheek meat, because it is a frequently active part, so The meat is full-bodied, slightly firm, rich in oil, and has a unique flavor that makes it a good part of stew.


Ground Pork and Butter Beans Quesadilla

Quesadilla is a Mexican snack made of cornmeal and filled with cheese, but for this dish, the filling used is the same used in “Baleada”, one of the most popular and cheapest street foods in Honduras. For this version, when you take a big bite you can feel the beans, pork, and the filling altogether showing some nice saltiness plus lots of flavors which is very satisfying.

Picadillo Quesadilla

The word “Picadillo” means “to cut into small pieces” in Spanish, and in this dish it refers to the concept of mincing pork meat to very small pieces. ABV combines traditional Mexican cooking techniques while creating a new Quesadilla flavor in which the crust of the tortilla is baked until crisp and then filled with cheese, minced pork and jalapeños. When you take a bite at this Quesadilla you will notice how springy and soft is the tortilla while feeling the flavors of the filling full of flavors with a nice salty taste. Very satisfying for the gourmand.

Chicken & Frijoles Quesadilla

When we talk about Mexican classical snacks we cannot leave Quesadilla out of this talk and a popular combination for the filling of this dish is refried beans and chicken. For this quesadilla aside from the chicken and the refried beans, cheese, and Jalapeños are added as a finishing touch.

Salmon Quesadilla

Let’s try a new interpretation of Quesadillas in terms of flavors, for this quesadilla, we made a match in heaven with sour cream and smoked salmon. We grill the quesadilla making the cheese to melt and wrap both the sour cream and the smoked salmon having a new way to eat quesadillas.

Spinach Quesadilla

Quesadilla is a name that in Spanish can be used as a nickname for cheese since they are related and at the same time is also a classic dish in the Mexican cuisine. The wrap for this dish is folded with cheese and different fillings in it. ABV offers you three different flavors, and Spinach is one of them.

Caribbean BBQ

Chimichurri Chicken Skewers

Chimichurri is a famous Argentinian sauce made with parsley, lemon juice, and garlic. Perfect for any meat dish. Chimichurri has become increasingly popular throughout Latin America in recent years, and pork skewers grilled with Chimichurri are one of the most popular ways to eat it.

Jamaican Seasoning Pork Skewers

Using a combination of several spices and Jamaican allspice creating a unique dry rub that is commonly used in cooking and also for seasoning meat.The Jamaican Seasoning Pork Skewer is made by dry marinating the pork with the previously mentioned dry rub before grilling, then served with cilantro, pickled olives and grilled pineapples for a traditional Jamaican grilled pork dish.

Beef Skewers

Prime-grade beef tendon marinated with Caribbean spices, served with grilled pineapple and capers, tastes full of spice.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings

The term Jerk (Smoke) refers to a Jamaican cooking way of either dry-rubbing or wet marinating a piece of meat using Jamaican spices. For this marinate we use a considerable amount of different spices (A mix of smoked Jamaican spices), which are 15, this amount of spices will add a layer of flavors into this dish. To prepare this dish the chicken wings are first grilled and then coated in the marinade specially made for this dish; the overall flavor of the jerk chicken wings will let everyone experience a high level of spiciness.

Grilled Shrimp Skewers with Creamy Cilantro Sauce

In South America, cilantro is used in every household to prepare dishes, and for this dish cilantro and cream are combined to make a sauce that is served with grilled shrimp. This is a great dish for parties, where you have a large skewer full of shrimps and on the other hand you have a beer. Definitely great for having fun while eating!

“Milanesa de Pescado con Maíz Asado” Fried Fish Fillet with Street-Style Roast Corn

This popular dish in Latin America, the “Milanesa” is thought to have been passed down from Italian immigrants between 1860 and 1920; it can be made from a thin slice of beef, pork, chicken, veal, or fish.Grilled corn is a very popular Latin American street food, so ABV mixes Latinamerican-style fried fish and street grilled corn together! One bite of grilled corn and one bite of fried fish will make you feel very satisfied.

Paraguayan styled BBQ

Paraguay is famous for producing beef and aside from exporting beef, we could say that eating beef is their national sport. Aside from beef and sausage related dishes, a very common dish is a corn cake called “Sopa Paraguaya”, a salty pastry made with fresh corn.

Grilled Combo

When friends are having a dinner, they can come directly to a platter of charcoal-grilled beef, BBQ Jack chicken skewers, and Argentine green sauce pork skewers, which is even more enjoyable! Barbecued pineapples, potatoes, and oiled olives, paired with our 300 types of craft beer, are very enjoyable.

Cuban Marinated Steak

For this dish, a traditional Cuban marinade is used. This marinade has oranges, cumin, and oregano, which is used on a 7 ounces sirloin steak. This steak compared to most steak’s flavor shows light fruity notes, also is accompanied with some roasted garlic specially prepared by the chef, which is made into crumbles and then sprinkled on top of this dish giving a nice decoration to the dish while enhancing the aroma of the food.

Jamaican Jerk Pork Rib

Jerk, a word that is derived from the word Ch’arki in the ancient Incan language, Quechua. For this dish, allspice, scotch bonnet, and many other spices are used. ABV way of cooking the pork ribs is at a low temperature for several hours making the ribs delicious and tender and even when you take a bite from them the bones are separated immediately

“Lechon Cubano” Cuban Style Roast Suckling Pig

ABV follows the Cuban tradition of removing the suckling pig’s insides and roasting it over a slow heat, then it is garnished with a huge amount of sliced bell pepper, cauliflower, and baby corn. To finish this dish salt and lemon is drizzled on top of the dish reducing any greasy feeling and increasing the delicious flavors on the dish. Come and try a very traditional dish from Cuba that often appears in festivals (Booking in advance is required)

Jamaican Roasted Pork With Chimichurri

A huge meat slab of 72 ounces, the “Jamaican Roasted Pork With Chimichurri” uses 13 spices covering its entire surface and then marinated for 48 hours. After being marinated for this period of time, it is roasted slowly for 3 hours, also the temperature of the meat at its center is 76 degrees Celsius. The meat becomes tender and is then accompanied by chimichurri. The chimichurri sauce that accompanies this dish is made with two types of spices, one is coriander and the other is oregano, garlic, white wine, and olive oil. This green sauce is the perfect match for this dish.

“Camarão na Moranga” Bertioga Style Seafood Soup in a Baked Pumpkin

At the Moranga Shrimp Festival, a traditional gastronomic feast in Bertioga, Brazil, this dish is the sole protagonist, a comfort food that combines the seasonal favorite pumpkin with a delightful creamy seafood stew; Chef ABV added cinnamon to enhance the aroma of pumpkin; the combination of cinnamon, pumpkin and seafood is a must-try combination for cinnamon fans. (reservation required 5 days in advance)

“Churrasco”Brazilian Style Barbecue

Brazil’s “kiln roast” has long been a “signature food” in the minds of everyone. Because Brazil’s animal husbandry is relatively developed, barbecue is a famous Brazilian food, whether it is a family dinner or a street, you can see it. Paired with Chimichurri’s unique South American coriander green sauce, come and eat meat to experience the warm Brazilian barbecue culture. (reservation required 5 days in advance).

Grilled Oysters

Oysters in which meat size is bigger than a 10 NTD coin is used in this dish. The oysters here are bathed with a sour and spicy sauce that has shredded coconut, lemon juice, tomato, and cilantro. This sauce is really good at removing any fishiness that could be perceived even people that don’t dare to eat oysters could eat lots of it without noticing such flavor.


Sautéed Calm in Coconut Milk

Coconut is a very large number of plants in the Caribbean and is widely used in ingredients. Various products such as coconut meat, coconut shreds, and coconut milk are often incorporated into dishes. ABV’s Fried Clams in Coconut Milk uses allspice powder, a little turmeric, a little chili, coconut milk, and coriander to combine the umami of the clams with coconut milk. It is a rich and spicy hot stir-fry dish.

“Callaloo Soup” with Shrimps of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

St. Vincent and the Grenadines has a bountiful harvest of fish, shrimp, crab and shellfish, making the local cuisine all about these ingredients.Callaloo is a traditional dish that can be found at banquets or as street food, this dish is a stew that uses fresh vegetables, leaves found on the mountain such as taro leaves or amaranth and other ingredients like garlic, onions, peppers, bananas, coconut milk, and seasonal root vegetable, then all the ingredients are stewed together until they are soft and flavorful. At ABV the dish is made using shrimps and the leaves creating an exquisite combination.

“Boulet” Haitian Style Meatball with Hot Tomato Sauc

Haitian cuisine is the combination of multiple cultures while integrating cooking techniques from those cultures, an example of this is “Boulet” Haitian meatballs that use meatballs stewed in tomato sauce quite common in European cuisine while combining aromatics and spices used in Haitian cuisine.At ABV, “Boulet” Haitian-style meatballs are made using garlic, tomato, onion and spices which are simmered for a period of time giving the dish a unique flavor coming from the spices, and a nice richness plus natural sweetness coming from the used aromatics and vegetables. This dish is usually served with white rice or rice with beans, but is also amazing as a side dish.

“Taco Soup” Hot Mexican Ground Beef Dip

Tortilla Soup is a traditional Mexican soup made with tortilla chips that are dipped in a rich tomato broth that has garlic and onions. To the tortilla soup, locals will add avocado, coriander, fresh lemons, and other ingredients.For the “taco soup”, ABV maintains the tradition of adding spices, chili flakes, and corn kernels to ground beef, then tortilla chips are added on the side; you can dip them in or crumble the chips and mix them, a customizable and fun to eat dish.

“Calamares Enchilados” Chilly Squids

Brazilian food culture is famous for its spicyness; in Brazil, this dish, which was originally based on Indian curry powder, is seasoned with a lot of tomatoes and black olives are added to the dish, so that the different acidity neutralizes the spiciness. This dish comes from a traditional Indian method that spread to Brazil following the large-scale voyages of the Portuguese navigating armies in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Sautéed Mushroom with Rum

Rum is the alcoholic drink that represents the Caribbean and is made with sugarcane. The typical scene in pirate movies is pirates holding a tankard of rum while drinking and singing. Well, this makes sense because wine is relatively a luxury in the Caribbean, so many European dishes are changed to a more Caribbean characteristic with the usage of rum instead of wine.


Fajitas is a classical dish in the Mexican cuisine. This dish is cooked with a variety of bell peppers making the meat aromas explode. This dish is accompanied with the following sauces, avocado sauce, salsa, sour cream, and refried beans. It is excellent with American-style beers

Cuban Style Garbanzos and Sausage

Chickpea is one of the most important grains in India and Pakistan, and also very common in Europe. This dish, Cuban style garbanzos and sausage have the following ingredients cut to the size of a chickpea: sausage, ground pork, and bacon which are then combined with tomatoes and its sourness. Then paprika is used so the smokiness that this spice has synergizes with the sausage. Chickpeas usually shows a hint of nuttiness, especially chestnuts like flavor, which is a perfect dish for those that do not enjoy dishes based on beans because it can unveil a new world of flavors and textures.

“Ropa Vieja” Cuban Pulled Beef with Tajada

Ropa Vieja is one of Cuba’s famous dishes. The meaning of Ropa vieja is literally “old clothes” and the reason for naming this dish like this is the similarity between this dish and strips of old clothes. This dish is stewed with shredded beef, bell peppers, olives, and onions. For the presentation, we use traditional methods and this is by accompanying the dish using either fried banana chips or cassava chips.

Garlic Shrimp With Paprika

In the past, the Caribbean islands were conquered by European countries and a remnant in terms of food was this dish left by the Spanish. The powerful aromas that come from olive oil and shrimp are better accompanied by bread and refreshing wheat beer.

Cubano Sandwich

Mexican Style Chipotles Chicken Sandwich

Chipotle (also known as chilpotle), is jalapeño pepper that is dried and ripened through smoking. Chipotles are spicy having a unique smoky flavor, also is commonly ground and mixed with other spices to make a marinade for meat.ABV makes a Mexican version of Cuban sandwich using a unique Mexican smoked chipotle marinated chicken, then onions, sliced cheese, are put inside ciabatta bread and hot pressed.The smoky spice flavor can stimulate our sense of smell while teasing our taste buds satisfying our craving for food.

Beef Cubano Sandwich

For this sandwich, we use roasted beef slices with Jalapeños, fresh onions, mayonnaise, and melted cheese. When you try this Cuban Sandwich you will feel the meatiness of the sandwich, with a bit of spiciness and the melted cheese.

Cuban Sandwich

ABV replicates the Cuban sandwich flavors showcased in the movie “Chef”. Pork is cured for a whole night, and afterward is roasted at a relatively low temperature, then the roasted pork is sliced and put inside Ciabatta bread, and together with the pork, Parma ham, salami, cheese, and pickled cucumbers are pressed together giving us an amazing Cuban Sandwich. It is one of the most popular dishes at ABV Caribbean!

Smoked salmon

Smoked salmon doesn’t make part of the sandwich mythos, but in this sandwich, we use it together with fresh onions, and sour cream. A very simple sandwich that is amazing!

Gallo Pinto,Jambalaya&Pastelon

“Aguadito de Pollo” Peruvian Chicken Porridge

Peru is the country in South America that loves chicken the most. Aguadito de pollo, also known as “Aguadito”, is a traditional chicken soup in Peruvian cuisine, consisting of chicken meat and its innards, cilantro and vegetables. In Peru, aguadito de pollo is sometimes eaten as a hangover cure, and also to warm the body on cold days according to some people.ABV makes this chicken stew the traditional way by using large pieces of chicken meat, heart, liver and gizzard, along with green beans, potatoes, other vegetables, rice, and spices.

Belizean Stewed Beans & Pigtail with Rice

When you ask the Belizean people what is the national dish? They will definitely answer you “It is Belizean Rice and Beans”. ABV uses a traditional version that has pigtail, onion, garlic, thyme, and red kidney beans to make a stew full of protein and meat, the beans add a lot of flavor to the stew, and the cartilage in the pigtail will give you nice gelatin making the meat feel tender. A delicious national dish that you can enjoy.

“Arroz Carreteiro” Brazilian Street Style Beef and Rice

Arroz Carretiero is a traditional delicacy in the southern region of Brazil; it was made up of the remaining rice in the iron pot and chopped beef jerky on the last road of the caravan at that time; because of its simplicity, it has become the favorite of many travelers. Travel delicacies; and ABV chefs have added a wealth of pastoral vegetables to add interest and nutrition, allowing us to experience the situation like travelers.

Chimichurri Rice with Mixed Seafood

Chimichurri originated in Argentina and is made with chopped parsley or cilantro, as well as shallots and lemon juice. In Argentina, it is a common flavour-enhancing sauce used with various meats. The ABV chef adds Chimichurri to the spiced rice, and also adds a lot of seafood, seasoned with Chimichurri sauce to make this dish more South American.

Caribbean shrimp with Risotto

The base concept of this dish comes from the Paella but with higher moisture content. With this dish, multiple cooking methods like Spain, France, Africa, and other countries are used. The flavors are rich and heavy. For this dish a big amount of shrimps are used so you can eat shrimps to your heart’s content.

Gallo Pinto with Jerk Pork Ribs

If the Spanish word “Gallo Pinto” is translated into Chinese it will mean “Spotted rooster – 斑點公雞”, and if talking about the food, the beans over the rice is like the spots in a rooster. It is a dish that is quite common in Central America and also considered the national dishes of both Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The most common food accompanied with this dish is eggs, salad, or grilled meat. For this version, Jerk pork ribs are used.

Gallo Pinto with Peruvian Chicken

If the Spanish word “Gallo Pinto” is translated into Chinese it will mean “Spotted rooster – 斑點公雞”, and if talking about the food, the beans over the rice is like the spots in a rooster. It is a dish that is quite common in Central America and also considered the national dishes of both Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The most common food accompanied with this dish is eggs, salad, or grilled meat, but in our case, we use peruvian roasted chicken.

Stewed Saltfish with Spicy Plantains and Coconut Dumplings

This dish is considered one of the best ways to showcase St.Christopher and Nevis customs, since the country has a large amount of coconut palm, thus many products utilize the abundance of coconut. Coconut cakes are made with shredded coconut, then salted fish is stewed with vegetables and spices, you can try the cakes with the fish together enjoying a world of exotic flavors.

Pastelon alla Bolognese

In the early days of the Caribbean after the age of exploration, flour was not produced since wheat cannot be found to make lasagna. The local residents of Puerto Rico came up with the idea of using fried banana slices to replace the pasta in the lasagna making a dish that truly belongs to the Caribbean.

Pastelon with Mushrooms and Truffle

The earliest lasagna that uses banana originated in the warm and sunny country of Puerto Rico, where early shipping was not as well developed as it is today, also the country itself is in the tropics which makes producing wheat harder and therefore flour is not available due to the weather, but is abundant in bananas and plantain which were used by housewives in Puerto Rico as a replacement for the lasagna pasta and crust, and this was done by slicing ripped plantains creating a sweet, salty, and tasty home-cooked meal.For this particular version of Pastelon, Champignon,king oyster mushroom, White beech mushroom, and truffles are used giving a rich mushroom flavor dazzling those who try the dish.


Belizean Cassava Pudding

Did you know that in Belize, you can find bitter and sweet cassava? Bitter cassava is made into dry cassava bread, while the sweet cassava can be stewed or fried, or made into cakes.Cassava pudding is a traditional Garifuna and Creole dessert. ABV Caribbean makes this dish using the traditional Belizean way, using coconut milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, sugar and butter.

Banana Quesadilla

This is quite different from the typical Quesadilla because of the sweetness. This quesadilla comes with banana and peanut flavor. In recent years Mexican street food has flooded the streets of Europe and the United States having vending carts selling Tacos, Burritos, Quesadillas, etc. and due to this trend and the combination of flavors this flavor was born. Cheese and various ingredients inside the Quesadilla were replaced with peanut butter, bananas, almonds, and chocolate. Aside from having this Quesadilla we also accompany the dish with vanilla ice cream!

Handmade Brownie with Ice Cream

Brownie was a beautiful mistake made by a pastry chef. This chef forgot to add baking powder to one dish making it dense and with a thick mouthfeel. Combining the strong aroma of chocolate and vanilla ice cream will create an eternal loop of flavors and aromas.

Rum Cake

A syrup made with white wine, brown sugar, rum, and cinnamon powder accompany a chiffon cake that has a crispy crust and a rich inner texture, also having some plum inside the cake. All these combinations elevates the cake flavor to the next level.