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ABV Penthouse

TEL 1:+886-2-2969-9989
TEL 2:+886-2-2969-9980
ADD:12F., No. 67, Fuzhong Rd., Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City 220, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Opening Hours:Mon~Sun PM12:00~AM1:30

MRT:Fuzhong Exit 1
FB:ABV 閣樓餐酒館


Classic Caesar Salad

Caesar salad was invented by the Italian Chef Caesar Cardini in Tijuana, a city in Mexico located near the US-Mexican border. On July 4th of 1924, in order to deal with many tourists from the independence of the United States of America and in a hurry, Chilean students of the chef used whatever ingredient could be found in the kitchen to prepare a salad! Combining American, Mexican and Italian-style salads to give birth to this Salad. Simple yet delicious, one of the best choices to start a meal for many people!

Grapefruit Vinaigrette Salad

Depending on the season grapefruit or pomelo is used in this dish. The fruit is paired with a vinaigrette that uses mustard seeds and vinegar, also the salad has red and yellow beetroot pickled in white vinegar, and the whole combination has balsamic vinegar.

Beef and Roast Pumpkin Salad

Vinaigrette from the french countryside is widely used in a variety of salads and for added flavor oregano and lemon juice are used. At ABV we add a fancy twist to some salads by adding both roasted beef and pumpkin slices, and also button mushrooms are added giving you a salad as an appetizer with a nice amount of meat!

Warm Spinach Salad

Who said that salads must be cold? For the salad, we add bacon bits and then top the tender spinach leaves with the oil produced after stir-frying mushrooms. Also, we add cherry tomatoes, yellow zucchini, roasted pumpkin slices, and feta cheese. We are sure that ABV’s warm salad will change your impression in a positive way towards warm salads.


“Zarzuela” Spanish Seafood Soup

The seafood soup from Catalonia, Spain called Zarzuela also means Operetta (light opera). The soup broth uses the Picada sauce which is also known as the “Catalonian Pesto”. Thi sauce uses garlic, nuts, bread, and a mixture of seafood. This soup will totally change in a positive way your typical impression of soups!

Clam chowder

The chowder we make is quite smooth also adding two varieties of clams letting us integrate its essence into this soup making it even better.

Cold Tapas

Smoked Salmon Platter

Just by curing or smoking salmon, rich fats will become more apparent. this fat will make the salmon feel even tastier. Smoked Salmon platters are a famous appetizer, and we also add nuts to this platter. You cannot miss this traditional Spanish appetizer before beer and other dishes come to your table!

Spanish Chorizo Platter

Chorizo also commonly known as Spanish sausage. This type of sausage originated in the Iberian peninsula typically uses pig intestine as casing.There are different varieties of Spanish chorizo and also you can order them cooked or not. The Spanish chorizo after cured is smoked and for the seasoning, bell peppers are used too. This sausage or chorizo is quite versatile, you can use it in cooked meals and also as a cold appetizer!

Cold Ham and Cheese Platter with Pistachio

Brie, one of the kings of cheese is wrapped with ham. This platter comes with nuts and with bittersweet sesame leaf, and finally the whole dish is drizzled with balsamic vinegar. When you try this dish you will feel as the flavors from the ham and the cheese becomes one and then the balsamic vinegar with the sesame leaf compliments the fusion of the flavors.

Cheese platter

Who says that cheese can only be accompanied by wine? Brie, Fetta, Smoked cheese, and blue styles of cheese have their own suitable beer, so you can pair four types of cheese with four types of beers!

“Melitzanosalata”Greek Eggplant Dip

In Greece, roasted eggplant is a versatile ingredient. We roast ripe and plump eggplants also roasted almonds, and special spices are combined together and made into a dip. This smooth and rich dip is served with bread will definitely make you fall in love with eggplants.

Salami Platter

Salami or its most common name, Italian sausage due to the similarity it shares with sausages by having lean meat and fat meat grounded at some specific proportion. It is first fermented and then black pepper, wine, and paprika are used to cure it. Due to its fermentation and curing methods, salami is different from chorizo in both flavor and mouthfeel.

Penthouse’s Cold Assorted Platter

The classic continental cold dish will give you a huge satisfaction with just one try! It includes chorizo, smoked salmon, salami, parma ham, assorted cheese, and mixed nuts. Served with delicious Greek eggplant dip.

Fried Dishes

Deep Fried Calamari with Mexican Tomato Salsa

This is a national dish in Spain that you will find in the streets and restaurants over there. Calamari is coated with thin batter and then it is deep fried until it takes a gold color leaving the outside crispy but the inside tender and delicious. The flavors come directly from Spain but here at ABV we add sesame leaves and salsa so you can try even more interesting flavors.

“Croquetas de Jamon” Spanish Jam Croquettes

The croquette is a type of country food commonly found in Spain that every Spanish mom will prepare. This dish is made usually with a mixture of leftovers that a family had produced. The Spanish croquette we made has a rich milk aroma and also stuffed with ham. It is a traditional but delicious snack.

Signature Chicken Wings

Using the popular cooking technique in today’s food industry, the Cajun cuisine techniques impart a woody aroma and flavor to fried chicken wings. For this dish, buffalo chicken wing sauce is added making it ABV’s signature dish, these fried chicken wings have become the number 1 in popularity!

Fried Combo

Party, party, party! How do we make a dish fancy enough when we have lots of people?! For this combo platter, we use our specialty which is the fried chicken wings, we add french fries, and finally Spanish croquettes. It is a must-try!

“Patatas Bravas” Spanish Fried Potatoes

In the 16th century, potatoes were brought to Europe by the Spaniards. Fried potatoes have lots of variations, for example, french fries, potato croquettes, etc. but Spain’s most famous variation in fried potatoes use two different sauces giving different names to its variation: Patatas bravas and Patatas Aioli. At ABV we use patatas bravas which uses tomato sauce and Aioli. A bite of a potato wedge and a mouthful of beer is the most marvelous snacks out there!

“Flamenquín” Spanish Deep Fried Pork Roll

The literally meaning of “Flamenquin” is “little Flemish”, which is tender pork roll wrapping cheese and sausage while the outer layer of this roll is fried batter. The legend says that this cooking method was passed down from the northern area of Flanders in the Netherlands to Spain.

“Huevos Rotos” Spanish Broken Egg Fries

We fry the french fries until crispy, then fried eggs with half-cooked yolk are added on top of the fries with some parma ham giving an additional flavor. It is a very local dish in Barcelona as an ideal drinking snack!

Hot Tapas

Scandinavian Style Mixed Seafoods

In some cases simplicity is the best and this is one of the cases! This dish is prepared with butter, thyme, lemon juice, lemon wedges and a plethora of seafood like fresh shrimps, mussels, clams, and baby octopus. A classic seafood dish full of umami and amazing aromas which will definitely satisfy your love for seafood.

Sauteed Mussels and Sausage in German Dark Beer

ABV’s featured appetizer uses a German dark beer with deep toasted and malty flavor and Spanish red pepper as the central spices in this dish. This dish is prepared using carefully selected spicy sausage and mussels, which are sauteed together, in this way, the mussels and the sausage will show their seafood and the malt of the beer combined in your mouth.

“Dolma” Bosnian Stuffed Onion

The meaning for “Dolma” is embedded type of dishes. The dish uses common types of vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, eggplants, chinese cabbage rolls, and grape leaves to wrap a variety of ingredients which works as the stuffing of the dish. In Greece and Italy is a common practice. At ABV we made some creative changes using mushroom, bacon, and spanish chorizo all cooked together with a white sauce working as the stuffing of the dish. Then the whole dish is paired with almond and nut sauce making the whole dish even more blissful for the guest.

“Burek”Bosnian Ground Meat Pie

This is a dish that is very popular in what was known as the Ottoman Empire, especially in North Africa and the entire Balkan Peninsula. Burek refers to the baked crust of a pie paired with a different variety of fillings for example potatoes and ground meat or Feta cheese with spinach. At ABV the components for the filling are pork ground meat, diced tomatoes, pinto beans, black-eyed peas, and black beans, which are made into a meat sauce and finally the baked crust that is used is the pastry component of the Danish millefeuille, which gives a very interesting mouthfeel that is worth trying.

“Gambas al Ajillo” Spanish Garlic Shrimp

When anchovies are left with lots of oil, the flavor and umami of them will increase. This ingredient was invented on the coasts of the Mediterranean. In fact, in the Mediterranean and Italy, this ingredient is used to increase the freshness of the prepared dish. In our case for this specific dish, “Gambas al Ajillo”, aside from using anchovies, we use a lot of olive oil and lemon juice as an added flavor.

“Chorizo a la Sidra” Sausage in Cider

One of the most traditional Spanish appetizers. At ABV we select 10 of the best ciders we offer in our store and then select the one that pairs the best for cooking sausages. This will integrate the sweetness and sourness of the cider into the sausage.

Baked Basque Crab

ABV presents you with a stir-fried crab that uses a Spanish-style sauce that uses tomato sauce, this sauce is accompanied with cheese a horse-crab. The crab is roasted making the aroma overflow. The mouthfeel will give you crispy and soft feeling making it amazing with craft beer.

Skillet Seared Salmon with Garlic Lemon Butter

The cooking method for this dish is similar to the Italian way of cooking anchovies with sauteed shrimp. The base of the dish is a large amount of olive oil and garlic. Lemons, butter, and thyme add a nice and elegant sweetness to the oily salmon, and at the same time, the meat of the salmon is cooked perfectly giving us its tenderness and juiciness.

Sautéed Clams with Sherry and Garlic

Spanish Sherry uses the Palomino grape-type as part of the regulation for the production of it, and also it is produced and special location for it to receive the name of Sherry. In Spain Sherry is commonly used for pairing Tapas, but we use Sherry to give a unique aroma to clams, so we have it as a nice and aromatic appetizer.

Octopus with garlic almond sauce

This dish is quite popular as an appetizer in modern Spain, especially around the coasts. With fresh octopus, garlic, almonds, and red bell peppers. It is a marriage of both flavor and textures that is delicious!

Shrimp with Basil-Garlic Butter

When you add butter to a big amount of shrimps and sauteed in a quick motion at a high temperature, you end preserving the shrimp freshness and sweetness. Some black pepper is added to give a better and fuller aroma to the shrimp, a big amount of lemon juice is added and also lemon wedges are added to the dish.

Chef’s Burger

ABV has made a different type of burger patty compared to the American and Japanese patty, this is a “non-beef” patty. Pork with its richer fat content combined with chicken fiber gives a different experience for burger patties.

Smoked Salmon Dip with Pita

Who doesn’t love a nice smooth and aromatic sauce? At ABV we offer a special sauce made by the chef by having smoked salmon, baked cheese and Jalapeño. It is paired with an excellent Pita bread with a sauce that shows both a nice spiciness and smoothness that is perfect to go with alcohol.

Sautéed mushroom with Sherry

Sautéed mushrooms come from the capital of Spain, Madrid. Nowadays you can find this dish all around the bars in Spain. The most special part of this dish is the Sherry aroma that appears and it doesn’t matter if you eat it by itself or use bread to soak the sauce per se, the flavor is always marvelous.

Spanish Garlic Chicken

Chicken fillet combining both the sweetness from the Spanish tomato sauce and a sherry-like flavor with an added special sauce. This dish shows both modern and classic Spanish cuisine that will conquer fast your tastebuds.

“Tortilla Española” Spanish Potato Omelette

One of Spain’s national dishes that are egg-based. Sliced potatoes are soaked in oil and then put in raw egg, afterward oregano and cheese are added. This Omelette is layered and the best sauce to pair this omelet is the Aioli sauce.

Roast & Grilled

Roasted Beef with Anchovy Butter

Marinated with a big amount of spices, such as rosemary and thyme for a whole night. After roasting the beef, the meat will be full of rosemary flavor and aroma. This dish is paired with a special made mashed potatoes with green sauce, broccoli, roasted king oyster mushroom, and other vegetables. Have a nice bite of meat and at the same time taking care of your nutrition!

Brazilian Roast Lamb

High quality lamb shoulder meat and low in gamy flavors is selected and then stewed with red wine and fennel stem until it is tender. The fatand oil that comes from the shoulder makes the flavors rounder and at the same time you can taste the natural flavors and sweetness of the meat, and to finish the dish a sauce made with lamb bones, spices and red wine is drizzled on top of the meat making the flavors rich and covering the table with the nice aromas of it!

Chicken Satay Skewers

The chef makes a special satay sauce in which its unique flavor is suitable to marinate meats or as a sauce, and in this case tender meat from the chicken leg is used for the skewers, the combination shows a spicy but aromatic flavor, letting you try a different type of satay.

Grilled & Stuffed Calamari with Lemon Cream Sauce

Calamari is stuffed with different varieties of mushrooms and vegetables, then grilled with low heat until the surface of the calamari is crispy and springy. The dish is paired with sauce made with lemons, butter and egg yolks increasing the layers in textures, flavors and richness of the dish that deserves to be tasted.

Moorish Pork Skewers

Moro is the given name to Muslims at the Iberian coast and northern Africa. Although in the middle ages, around the 15 century, the local regime changed frequently, the food tradition remained. The usage of Muslims cooking methods with pork, a meat that is not eaten by muslims is definitely a cultural impact! Paprika with cumin and sherry gives an amazing aroma and flavor that will make you enjoy your meal to a greater extent!

Beef Skewers with Lemon Anchovy Cream

Meat skewers source is from the middle east, and this has lots of varieties in terms of flavors. At ABV we marinate beef skewers by using cumin and cardamom. This skewer is paired with a delicious and refreshing lemon anchovy sauce, so you can try with one skewer flavors!

Grilled Mussel with Cheese & Pesto

The umaminess of the mussels is quite adequate. To make it quite tasty it doesn’t require any seasoning or much cooking. We grill the mussels with green sauce and some cheese, which not only preserves the aroma of the mussels but also adds even more richness to the textures and flavors.

Grilled Shrimp with Herbs

The common Chinese White shrimp is directly put on top of the grill this way the juice and flavor of the shrimp can be preserved. The only thing you need to do to highlight the flavor is just sprinkle some salt on top of the shrimp. The shrimps pairs amazingly with Gueuze (An excellent beer style for seafood)

Roasted Seabass with Almond Sauce

Sea bass in thick slices is roasted until its skin is crisp and the meat is tender, the dish is paired with ABV’s special almonds and nuts sauce, which is prepared by roasting both nuts and almonds. When you try this sauce with the sea bass with its tender meat and this sauce, the level of its aroma and flavor will go up to the next level.

Grilled Combo

When good friends gather for a dinner party, just get an order of beef skewers, Cayenne-styled chicken skewers, and Moorish pork skewers platter. This way is even more enjoyable! It will come with two different sauces, the lemon anchovy sauce, and tartar sauce. Do not forget to try its original flavor first and afterward you can start pairing them with different sauces, this way you can increase variety and level of flavors. Last but not least, the best way to pair all this food is by having one of our more than 300 beers in our selection.

Seafood Combo(Shrimp, Octopus, Mussel & Seabass)

Seafood lovers, come and look here, here we have grilled Chinese White shrimp, Cheese with Pesto mussels, octopus tentacles, and roasted Sea bass. Having a large amount of different seafood is needed only once to fall in love with seafood.。


Spaghetti with Pork Chop in Tomato Sauce

ABV carefully selects pork loin that has some bone. When the pork loin is roasted its aromatic components appear and then it is combined with tomato base sauce and spaghetti. The dish highlights what the customer is searching for in terms of serving size and flavor.

Grilled Squid Spaghetti in Squid Ink

A whole squid is placed directly in the stove and then it is roasted at high temperatures in this way the squid retains the natural rich flavors and sweetness. The squid is served with spaghetti that has a sauce made with squid ink adding rich umami to the whole dish and when we try the dish itself we will feel the flavors from the sea, the rich umami and delicious flavors of the dish.

Spaghetti with Seafood in Vermouth Pesto

A green sauce is a symbolism of the green color in the Italian flag. This green sauce uses a garlic vinaigrette as its base, and its origin can be traced to the northwest of Italy. The local sailors when going to sea often eat garlic to strengthen their physique, also the green sauce known as Pesto comes from the verb in Italian “Pestare”, which means to crush or grind, and in the case of the sauce, it refers to how garlic is traditionally grinded. Our homemade green sauce is also topped with Vermouth, which will enhance its aroma, and last but not least, a whole octopus is added here so you can experience a different taste in this green sauce!

Shrimp Spaghetti with Shrimp and Fermented tofu Sauce

This Italian pasta presents very interesting flavors, for this dish fermented bean curd and shrimp stock are used to create a white cream sauce full of umami which is then poured on top of the spaghetti giving flavors that are rich and shimpy. A dish for people that loves shrimps in every form.

Ultimate Spaghetti with Clams

What do you mean with ultimate? Well, this is exactly what we mean with ultimate!!! This will go above the understanding of regular humans towards white wine and clams pasta, aside from using a large number of clams as an umami source, a 10 cm wide surf clam is used. For clam lovers, you cannot let this opportunity pass.


Creamy Parma Ham Conchiglioni

A white sauce is a symbolism related to the white color in the Italian flag. The source for this sauce comes from traditional European cooking using butter and cheese.ABV combines smoked salmon, jalapeños, and basil, pairing it with a white sauce giving you a different experience!

Veg Pumpkin Pie Conchiglioni

Pumpkin is an ingredient that is favored in the countryside of many European countries. One of the protagonists during Halloween, the pumpkin, is rich in sweetness and nutritional content, so we made a special sauce using pumpkins and then combined it with a classic white sauce, then some grated parmesan cheese is sprinkled, and with a blowtorch to melt the cheese enhancing the aroma and richness of the whole dish.

Conchiglioni with Cheese & Shrimps

Conchiglioni can be prepared in different ways aside from sauteing, and many clever chefs use them as the container to bake other ingredients. ABV fills the shell noodles with shrimp and then topped with cheese, afterward is baked, becoming a beautiful, delicious, and flavorful one biter.


Tropical Style Fregola with Soft Shell Crab

The term Fregola comes from the latin word “fricare” which is related to friction, this type of pasta comes from the island of Sardinia in Italy. This pasta has been quite popular since it was introduced to Italy by Ligurian (an Italian region) navigators that went to North Africa during the middle ages. In this dish fregola pasta is flavored using lemon juice and stock, then to the dish satay sauce is used and then a whole soft shell crab is deep-fried and added.

Fregola with Goat Cheese and Caramelized Bacon

The inspiration for this dish comes from a hungarian pasta dish that uses fresh cheese in which locals in Hungary will use crunchy bacon with sugar for this pasta. Continuing with the tradition at ABV for creativity, Fregola pasta is paired with caramelized bacon showing multiple levels of richness while showing a very special texture. Definitely a dish that cannot be missed.


Fettuccine with Smoked Salmon and Caviar

At ABV we are proud of this dish since the smoked salmon for this dish is self-made. A cream sauce is made with a generous amount of caviar making the sauce mellow, also for the dish a generous amount of the smoked salmon is added without caring about the cost, a fettuccine that is full of smokey and seafood flavors.

Roasted Beef Fettuccine with Truffle and Red Wine Sauce

Beef is roasted showcasing the natural strong and natural flavors of the meat while also leaving a nice springy texture of the meat. Red wine is used to add flavor to springy fettuccine and to make it smooth in texture and rich in flavor sour cream is used. To finish the preparation of the dish, truffles are mixed giving total satisfaction to the gourmand.

Chicken Tequila Shot Fettuccine

From Mexican origins, the common liquor known as Tequila is similar to Champagne. It can only be called Tequila if blue agave is used to make this liquor! It has a strong herbal aroma, lemon juice, and cilantro. The tequila flavor is spread out all around your mouth, a way to eat Italian Pasta that you have never experienced before!

Meatball Fettuccine in Sausage Sauce

Compared to the traditional meat sauce, we use Spanish imported chorizo to use as ground meat. It has a thinner mouthfeel but it has more layers in terms of flavors compared to more traditional meat sauces and is also paired with our specialty meatballs and Fettuccine.

Seafood Fettuccine Alla Puttanesca

Spaghetti alla Puttanesca was born and popularized in Italy around the 1960s. ABV combines tomatoes, anchovies, dried peppers, olives and capers, all of this to give strong, salty, rich, with some nice spiciness flavors for the sauce. In Italy, the meaning for Puttanesca refers to the temptation of a lady of the night. A mix of seafood is made and then is paired with the Puttanesca sauce. This dish is definitely a must have!

Creamy Vegan Fettuccine with Mushroom

ABV has designed a dish that is perfect for vegetarians, the dish has the following kind of mushrooms: Shiitake, button mushroom, brown and white beech mushrooms, and also black truffle sauce combined with a white creamy sauce, all combined with Fettuccine.


Casarecce with Fennel and Chorizo

The origin of the “Onion and sausage sauce risotto” is the dish is Siena, Italy. In this dish, one of the most important aspects is the onion and sausage sauce. Onions natural sweetness appears after sauteeing it, and then some Spanish chorizo is used together making the aromas of the sauce explode as you perceive them, it also has a nice and elegant cumin aroma, and after being put on a pot, feta cheese.

Casarecce with Garlic and Anchovy

ABV uses tasty white leg shrimp with slices of garlic, shredded anchovies, and hot peppers, then is paired together with Casarecce pasta that had been cooked first, and finally, some parsley and parmesan cheese are sprinkled.



Green Finger’s Tiramisu

Tiramisu is a famous Italian dessert, and the word “Tiramisù” means “pick me up” or “cheer me up”. Tiramisu is not only the symbol of deliciousness but is also the symbol of sweetness and happiness. This dessert is made with rich coffee, and mascarpone integrated with Rum; this is added to a specially made salty caramel cake. Finally it is presented in a unique way, like a magnificent garden, which makes people feel they are standing in a utopian era.


Austrian Apple Tart塔

Each family in Austria has their own recipe to make a flaky apple tart. At ABV fresh apples are pan-fried so a nice caramel aroma and flavor appears. Special filling is made so the sweetness of the apples is balanced and finally it is topped over a homemade shortcrust pastry. Each bite you take from this dessert will show you all the aromas and flavors from the apples.

Penthouse’s Chocolate Banana Brownie

Unlike other brownies, at ABV we start by shaping it into a cake so after the dessert cools down the moistness of it is preserved, then it is paired with nuts and peanuts giving it a contrast in textures that always make girls rejoice in happiness.