Detailed list of various beer types and beer from various countries

Germany Beer

When it comes to German-style beer, the three countries that represent this style are Czech Republic, Austria and Germany, with the common characteristics of being refreshing, easy to drink and durable. Also, those three countries are the countries with the highest beer consumption per capita in the world.

English Beer

A closer look at the development of British beer will reveal that, like a dynastic history, almost every style has experienced peaks and valleys. From Mild, Brown Ale, Porter, Stout, IPA to Bitter, there are probably a lot of beer types we would have never tasted again if it was not for the breweries’ enthusiasm to recreate old-fashioned beers in recent years.

American Beer

The American beer market has been dominated long by large commercial beer brands (e.g. Budweiser) and had to struggle with difficult times such as prohibition. From 1975, the American craft beer scene has seen a revolution with new and innovative breweries popping up continuously.

Belgium Beer

Tasting a Belgian beer is like stepping into the most colorful repertoire of the beer world, from the extremely sour to the extremely sweet, from a 3% to 4% in alcohol content in a fruit beer to a monastery that can easily be 10% or more in alcohol content. Belgium has a long history of brewing. While it has been ruled by neighboring countries and invaded dozens of times, multiculturalis emerged, and coupled with Belgium’s old-fashioned character, many different faces of Belgian beer appeared.

Other Beer

Sometimes, what makes craft beer interesting and playful is its pursuit of “innovation” to differentiate from classic beers. The inspiration and change made in the brewing of many beer styles gives an immense diversity in beer flavors. From beer aged in oak barrels from the past, to a modern take in aging beer using cognac barrels and bourbon barrels, all kinds of ideas are constantly being developed. There are also flavored beers that incorporate local ingredients and spices to give them a unique local personality.